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Mercedes diesel maintenance tips

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Safety and security tips:

Please remember to recycle all your used fluids at an appropriate recycling center.  Be mindful to not spill or splash fluids on yourself, others or the ground.  Also as a safety tip please remember anytime you are working on, around or under your car, to wear safety glasses and secure the car with wheel stops and approved jack stands! 


General Maintenance Pictorials

Mercedes Power Steering Fluid Service

Mercedes Diesel Oil Change

Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

Rear Differential Fluid Change

Fuel Hose Installation

Mercedes Engine and Transmission I.D. Numbers

Mercedes Fuel  Tank Removal and Replacement


Cooling System Related Pictorials

Coolant Thermostat Replacement and Modification

Block Heater Installation of the Lower Radiator Type

Mercedes Coolant Expansion Tank Replacement

Mercedes Cooling System Citrus  Flush 


Interior Related Pictorials

How to repair your broken odometer

How to repair your Ignition lock if your key is stuck or broken

How to repair a broken seat spring

How to install real sheep skin set covers

Master Vacuum Switch and Door Panel Removal


Electrical Related Pictorials

Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug Repair

Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug Repair/Upgrade for Loop Style Plugs

Mercedes Voltage Regulator Install

Mercedes Combination Switch Replacement

Mercedes Horn Troubleshooting


Engine Related Pictorials

How to replace your timing chain on the 617 engine

Mercedes Diesel Valve Adjustment Procedure

Diesel Purge Injector and Injection pump cleaning for the OM617 and OM603

Transmission vacuum valve lever replacement

Mercedes ALDA  system service

Mercedes Shutoff Valve Replacement

Mercedes Intake Seal Ring Replacement for the Turbo Diesel

Mercedes Injector Nozzle Replacement (With Video)

Mercedes Oil Cooler Hose Replacement

Worn Out Mercedes 617 Engine Pics

Mercedes Injection Pump O Ring Replacement

Install a High CFM Electric Fan on your 123 Mercedes


A/C Related Pictorials

How to repair your A/C system on your Mercedes diesel


WVO/Biodiesel Related Pictorials

Running the diesel Benz on Corn oil


Vacuum Related Pictorials

Mercedes Vacuum Troubleshooting Basics


Axle Related Pictorials

Mercedes Axel Shaft Boot Replacement


Transmission Related Pictorials

Mercedes B2 piston replacement

Failure of the Flex Disc on a 126 Body


Body Related Pictorials

Mercedes Bumper Filler Replacement

Mercedes Front Fender R&R project 240d

Mercedes Paint Preparation project 240d

Mercedes Antenna Mast Installation project 240d

Mercedes Windshield Nozzle Replacement

Mercedes Hood Strap Install

Mercedes Rear Window Seal Replacement


Steering & Suspension Related Pictorials

Mercedes Tie Rod Assembly Repair project 240d

Mercedes Upper Control Arm R&R project 240d



Is the Valve Adjustment Really Needed? (Video)

1985 300CD Road Test


What a Mercedes 617 diesel looks like with NO Blow-by (Video)

1984 300D Blow-by Test

Bosio Nozzles before and after in a Mercedes 300d

Bosio Nozzle before and after


Atlanta Mercedes Get-Together

Atlanta Get-together  Dec, 9th 2006




All parts used in these pictorials are available at the diesel parts for sale page